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July 2020

FHM, a popular magazine in the international men's magazine market, entered Chinese mainland in the name of FHM China on April 23, 2004. FHM China is a comprehensive men's fashion magazine launched by Trends Group in 2004. By August 2012, 100 issues had been published.

FHM China is China's first open pure male magazine, known as "Playboy" in China. Because the consumer groups are mainly male friends, so the cover of FHM China is full of sexy photos of beauty stars. Men's wear has won the magazine of the year award of the media of the year on the New Weekly's cutting edge list.

The official website of FHM China, the ultimate magazine from Trends Group is full of men's aesthetic feeling, thinking about what men think, saying what peers dare not say, creating the highest taboo scale of Chinese sex talk; it is sexy but not losing sharp ideas, humorous but not lacking realism, which is the best partner for fashionable men. Show the same texture as the magazine content, and expand the influence of FHM China on men's fashion with more rapid communication power.

The high-quality graphic information gives men guidance on dressing, enjoying life. Here, we can find a soul mate who fits in with each other, share every discovery of life interest, and collide with the most valuable business inspiration.


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