Why Choose
New Product Development
Service of Syncloud

To enhance the enterprise power of leadership, execution, visualization, integration, operation and innovation.

New Product Development Service (NPDS) of Syncloud is a set of visual and intelligent business service system that seamlessly integrates the ERP, CRM and OA. Connected enterprise resource and data will quickly unify the entire business from people, processes, data to the outstanding achievement, and drive enterprises transform to digitalization, mobility, collaboration and personalization.


  • Unified platform solutions, seamless and flexible combination between systems (apps) and extension.
  • Agility to needs everyone has, seamless integration to existing systems or third-party apps.
  • Mobile-first, cross-platform, and multi-scenario application support.

Modularized solutions based on MichaeLee Design, an enterprise-level product UI design system, help users concentrate on their business and output more with high-quality digital experiences.

Mobile Device Apps

Mobile phone and tablet will make your work more fun, anytime, anywhere.

Scenerized Mobile Business
Mobile phone or tablet as a medium for all-new business apps. You can easily use these mobile device to handle the business and configure the transaction at the office, outdoor, on the train, on vacation, or any places over Wi-Fi when you want.

Mainstream Platform Support
Developing apps on demands everyone has. They are adapted to the most of platforms: iOS (iPhone), iPadOS (iPad), macOS (Mac), Android, Windows, Web for Mobile and WeChat (Official Accounts, Mini Program), etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Make reasonable production plan to control costs and scale efficiently.

Converge business application management system to connect supply chain, finance and people and take a collaborative and digital journey that means Smart Manufacture.

  • Supply Chain optimization,that can help you faster and lower of cost to produce high-quality products and manage logistics.
  • Finance prediction, that can help you more intuitively to make decisions and to drive business growth with dataset view.
  • Human experience, that can help employees to be successful with elegant products, services and culture.

Optional Services
Syncloud Supply Chain Management
Syncloud Logistics
Syncloud Finance
Syncloud Human Resources

Customer Relationship Management

Keep your customers happy. Evolve your customer engagement for business continuity. Get potential customers.

Create a different customer experience with customer data and analytics, marketing and automated sales, customer services and support.

  • Simplified Data can help you increase conversion rate.
  • Automated Marketing/Sales can help you explore needs and boost sales.
  • Personalized Services can help you improve your customer experience.

Optional Services
Syncloud Marketing
Syncloud Sales
Syncloud Customer Service
Syncloud Remote Assist

Office Automation

The informationization of the internal approval process will improve its office efficiency.

Enable the shift from transactional management to end-to-end experiences, more flexible workforce and more talented staff.

  • Office Collaboration including process approval, instant messages, document management, video conference, address book and questionaire, etc.
  • Human Relationship including employee relationship, labor contract, reward and punishment management, training management, KPI management and attendance management, etc.

Optional Services
Syncloud Office Automation
Syncloud Human Resources

Software Development Flow

Standard Operating Procedure of software projects in initiation, execution, closure.

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