Why Choose
New Cloud Infrastructure
Service of Syncloud

An Alibaba Cloud (HiChina) certified distributor, authorized to develop and sale its products and services.

New Cloud Infrastructure Service (NCIS) of Syncloud supported by Alibaba Cloud technology, reliable and secure cloud computing and data processing capabilities provides you ease-to-use cloud services.


  • Based on Alibaba cloud computing and artificial intelligence.
  • Stable and reliable cloud-to-end data, mobile collaboration anytime and anywhere.
  • Data centers across the world, general industry solutions.

Domain Name Registration

A variety of domains can protect your internet brand.


Web Hosting Service

Dedicated cloud hosting and cloud servers are all over the world.


Enterprise Mail

The mail is fast, secure and stable, unlimited storage.


Short Message Service

Multi-scene applications: domestic and international SM verification code, notifications and marketing.


Network Marketing

Website and SEO optimization, Baidu Marketing and quick collection.


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