MichaeLee Logo Story

It is full of MichaeLee founder's passion and wish, and MichaeLee's promise to the users.

Promise — "MichaeLee Logo1" is a Chinese Sail. This sail carrying the engraving MichaeLee core values of "Achieve Clients, Challenge Innovation, Trust and Responsibility" and MichaeLee mission of "Integrate resources and informationization everywhere" is surfing in the sea and is producing a continually innovative power.

Image — The "Chinese Sail" is MichaeLee's image to the public. Its English name is a combination of "Michael Lee" of MichaeLee founder's English name. Its Chinese name is made up of four parts: English name pronounce, Chinese dragon, the bloodline and gemini sail. Its icon looks like gemini sail with the transformation of the letters of "M" and "L". Meanwhile, the sail as one of descendants of the dragon will take Chinese traditional culture to the world by internet.

MichaeLee Logo (Trademark2), Avatar and White icon.

Beauty — The "Chinese Sail" is the color beloved by MichaeLeers. The orange is the color of the Sun and the fire, and stands for the life, the passion, the vitality.

1. To comply with MichaeLee requirements and follow the identity guidelines when promoting MichaeLee in marketing communications, including advertising, apps, websites, and printed promotions.

2. MichaeLee trademarks include MichaeLee, Mannnn, Trainnnn, Syncloud. Parties wishing to use MichaeLee’s trademarks, service marks or images need to see the guidelines for MichaeLee trademarks and copyrights。