MichaeLee and Its Culture

Who we are? What we do? What are our wish and mission? Where is a continually innovative power from?

MichaeLee1, Beijing MichaeLee IT Limited. founded in Beijing China in 2005, is an all-solution provider of information technology (iTech) and information services (iServ). Our series of products and professional experience can help international enterprises, government, large scale enterprise, experienced personal users, small and midsize enterprises to accelerate the process of informationization and the development of information technology.

Information Technology2 is a key business problem that should be solved in enterprise stratagems. MichaeLee will help customers endowed with the innovative power learn more about one-up technology of IT Infrastructure, practice, and trend in the future. Through designedly making use of these challenges, Enterprises obtain their core competitive advantages in their fields.

We run our four core business3 divisions in the same way for our clients in Telecom, Finance, Government, Traffic, Transportation, Energy Sources, Spaceflight, Electron, Manufacture and Education.

They are:

  • Technology Popularization
    Including Training, Guiding and Consulting, etc.
  • Software Development
    Including Mobile Device Apps, ERP, CRM and OA, etc.
  • Internet Information Service
    Including IDC Business, Website Building, Network Marketing and Website Maintenance, etc.
  • Media Design
    Including Brand Design, User Interface, Multimedia Animation, etc.

MichaeLee and MichaeLeers are committed to their core values of "Achieve Clients, Challenge Innovation, Trust and Responsibility" that are the foundation for all that we do. Depending on an excellent team with self-integrated management, innovative technology and professional design, today's4 MichaeLee and its strategic partners are leading their clients to a rapidly developing way of informationization together.

  • MichaeLee Slogan: feel your pulse! - to turn the heartbeat experience, namely, what users need, into a continually innovative power.
  • MichaeLee Wish: to contribute superior products and services to the best clients.
  • MichaeLee Mission: to integrate resources and informationize everywhere.