Why Choose
New Strategy Design
Service of Syncloud

To feel it all, an innovation as the core of user experience design.

New Strategy Design Service (NSDS) of Syncloud is a real experience that creates fantastic products with innovative thoughts, conveys brands with audio-visual effects, and rapidly contributes enterprise strategic target to maximum values.


  • Keen insight to user requirements for business target value.
  • Developing lasting mix of thinking, and focusing on audio-visual experiences of brands.
  • Making collaborative agile iterative design and practical solutions.

Your innovative designer based on MichaeLee Design (a design system for enterprise-level product UI) will create a reachable and perfect experience space for you.

Brand Communication and Connectivity

Simpleness, clearness, just to connect.


Interactive and Visual Interface

Values, scenes, just to touch.


Animation and Audition Effects

Imaginations, explorations, just to feel.


Media Design Flow

Standard Operating Procedure of Media Design.

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