CODC research system

July 2020

CODC is an authoritative consulting organization specializing in outdoor advertising market research and related diversified services in Chinese mainland. CODC was founded at the end of 1998, formerly known as ZTJXin; in July 2000, it established a joint venture with Hong Kong Chengke, named ZTJXun; in 2003, it independently established ZTXH, and has been serving the outdoor advertising industry with the brand of "CODC".

In the past 20 years, CODC has been growing together with the domestic outdoor advertising industry, and has been making efforts to strengthen the industry's basic research and improve the quality of data service. CODC is the only company in China that has unified, standardized and complete outdoor advertising data since 2001. Its information network covers 30 major cities, and continuously expands the collection range of outdoor advertising materials according to the needs of customers.

CODC adheres to the working concept of fairness, accuracy, objectivity and timeliness. Through the self-designed and developed outdoor media information management system and self-service data query platform, CODC provides comprehensive and authentic outdoor advertising media monitoring reports, data materials and research evaluation for domestic and foreign customers with unique identity and perspective.

The accurate and efficient questionnaire data completed with mobile device can help to advertise more precisely.

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