MichaeLee new official website 2020 is available today

July 30, 2020

The all-new official website, only for you better, brings you lineups from our heart, elegant customer experiences, and fully-upgraded enterprise application service brand, Syncloud.

MichaeLee has been serving professional information technology to its numerous customers for more than 15 years with our mission, in which, we continuously observe and think how people consume their own time? Yes, they are everyday life, fragmented learning, and hard work. So we repositioned our lineup to Mannnn, Trainnnn, MichaeLee Design and Syncloud, which give you a better life, study and work.

The new website has been adapted to the mainstream equipment.

Product Overview

Mannnn (Coming next spring)
— Slow down, and close to it
An OGC platform from MichaeLee, on which the authors can share their slow lives on Food, Reading, Travel, Fitness, Writing, etc., and close to sunshine, air, water and sports with their readers.

Trainnnn (Coming this winter)
— Learn to think different
An OMO platform from MichaeLee, on which learners can acquire the whole practice technical training and its instance resources in developing new products.

MichaeLee Design (Coming soon)
— Make a better innovation
A design system for enterprise-level products from MichaeLee, that helps teams focus on their work and build high-quality digital experiences.

— Never stop serving
An enterprise application service brand from MichaeLee, that provides software development, website building, media design, domain registration, etc. Click to learn more.

Service Overview

New Product Development Service (NPDS)
of Syncloud is a set of visual and intelligent business service system that seamlessly integrates the ERP, CRM and OA. Connected enterprise resource and data will quickly unify the entire business from people, processes, data to the outstanding achievement, and drive enterprises transform to digitalization, mobility, collaboration and personalization. Click to learn more.

New Product Development Service flow

New Marketing Website Service (NMWS)
of Syncloud is a new generation of cloud website-building solutions depended on WordPress that empowers enterprises to quickly use the cloud and to exclusively design the brand on internet. Click to learn more.

New Marketing Website Service flow

New Strategy Design Service (NSDS)
of Syncloud is a real experience that creates fantastic products with innovative thoughts, conveys brands with audio-visual effects, and rapidly contributes enterprise strategic target to maximum values. Click to learn more.

New Strategy Design Service flow

New Cloud Infrastructure Service (NCIS)
of Syncloud supported by Alibaba Cloud technology, reliable and secure cloud computing and data processing capabilities provides you ease-to-use cloud services. Click to learn more.